The Vernier Society is an invitation only organisation.


To become a member please contact any member and they may may propose you as a new member.

If you do not know any members directly, please contact us and the president will be in touch with you.

The steps to becoming a new member are:

  • The member will submit the candidates name to a Committee Member

  • The Committee Member will invite the candidate to a regular monthly lunch to meet other members

  • The Committee Member may invite the candidate to apply to join

  • Once the candidate accepts the nomination, they will be invited to the Vernier regular meetings

  • The new member will be presented with a tie, a badge and an invoice for the annual dues

There is also a Corporate Membership available. For more details, please contact the President.

Membership Benefits

  • can attend each of the 11 monthly luncheons (Feb – Dec)
  • additional guest can be accommodated for an additional payment of $60 / head
  • monthly newsletters and access to articles
  • information sessions and Workshops
  • Site Tours
  • Professional Development
  • Access to Member Profiles
  • Networking Opportunities