Socialise with Friends, Enjoy Dinner and Cultural Experience & Support Charity

You are cordially invited to a wonderful evening of inspiration at The Victorian Vernier Society for dinner on Thursday the 6th December @ 6:30 pm at Kooyong Tennis Club, 489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong.

You will be inspired by Stephanie and marvel at her spontaneous action and achievement.   You will also meet Hannah and Jordan, extremely talented performers entering the most competitive of professions.

Bring partners, bring friends, children and particularly bring daughters to see what can be, if you dare to step outside your own reality.

Stephanie Woollard from Seven Women Inc

Stephanie’s passion is in empowering the marginalised, through education, skills training, and employment.

In 2006, after meeting 7 disabled women living in a tiny tin shed in the back streets of Katmandu, Stephanie wondered if somehow she could make a difference. With $200 in her pocket, she decided to invest in their skill development. 12 years later Seven Women Inc have a team of over 50 staff and volunteers in Australia and over 5000 women have been educated, trained and employed.

The work of Seven Women has been internationally recognized, and most recently were presented with a Responsible Business Award at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

This event is an opportunity to meet an inspiring woman who has put the well-being of strangers above her personal comfort.  Stephanie did what we all would have wished we had done in similar circumstances.   Stephanie took decisive action to help rather than pretending not to see.

Operatic Entertainment

Hannah Kostros and Jordan Auld will be providing our entertainment this year!

Hannah is a vivacious and talented young woman. An opera singer and performer, Hannah captures her audience with her mezzo-soprano voice.

Jordan is a classically trained Soprano and has recently been part of some wonderful operas such as The Gondoliers and Guillaume Tell.

We look forward to hearing from these two inspiring young artists.

Hannah and Jordan will be accompanied on the baby grand piano by David Barnard, a chamber musician, opera répétiteur, vocal coach and lieder accompanist, David is one of the leading collaborative pianists of his generation.

The Vernier Promise!

At Vernier you will:

• Connect and Network with business leaders
• Associate with people who share your interests
• Gain insights and knowledge from authoritive keynote speakers
• Develop and grow your leadership and business prospects
• Promote the sustainability of the Australian manufacturing industry