May 8th 2014 – Alan Evans – Dyno Dynamics

 AlanEvansHow to change a company!

The Vernier Society speaker for May was Alan Evans who is the owner of Dyno Dynamics, based in Lilydale Victoria; Dyno Dynamics is Australia’s leading manufacturer of chassis and engine dynamometers distributing their premier products worldwide.  After originally training as an engineer Alan, after realising deskbound engineering was not for him, retrained in Law and Economics leading to a successful career in the public service in a variety of roles.  His professional roles were mirrored by a long standing enthusiasm for motor sport, which ultimately led him and his family to purchase Dyno Dynamics in 2009. What started as a passive investment turned into a very active involvement and a complete makeover of the product range in order to stay both relevant and competitive in the world marketplace.

Alan gave a passionate and enthusiastic talk about the early recognition of needing to radically change the price point of the product in the marketplace through a radical redesign of the product to reduce manufacturing and material costs.  By re-patching the price while maintaining or even improving the product performance, Alan and his team (of which he describes himself as the conductor) were able to widen the product’s attractiveness to a much larger potential market.  In addition, Alan reorganised the company structures giving much more functionality to the key engineering groups.  This process took 2 years with the first sale of the new product at a 2011 trade show, which surprisingly resulted in not just the first but the first twenty sales.  Today the new design has sold over 300 worldwide and has allowed the company to rebuild its presence in the USA, a major market.

It was a fascinating talk targeting both the car and racing enthusiasts of which there are many in the society and the many who still believe, with the right innovative products for niche markets, passion and determination; Australian manufacturing companies can successfully compete in world markets and Dyno Dynamics is a clear example of this belief.


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Our speaker this month is Alan Evans from Dyno Dynamics

May 8th 2014 from 12:30 Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, 489 Glenferrie Road Kooyong