September 2013 – Gordon New – Ronson Gears

Ronson Gears was founded in 1954 by Gordon’s father Ron New, a past member of Vernier.  Gordon a qualified mechanical engineer joined the family business in the mid 70’s along with his brother Terry who now between them still run this family business.   Ronson now employs around 31 people over two shifts, in the high technology facility in Highett.

In 1990, Ronson Gears undertook their first Business Plan which identified a need to see what the Gear Industry was doing in other countries. Consequently, in 1993 Gordon went on his first international discovery tour.  Gordon now travels extensively to stay abreast of the latest developments in the gear industry and, together with his brother Terry, has been successful in taking their family business from being a small job shop into the market leading company it is today, incorporating the latest in Gear manufacturing technology.  As Gordon proudly explained his marketing efforts in the American market led him to membership of the AGMA – the American Gear Manufacturers Association, and Eurotrans, the European Committee of Power Transmission Engineering, Gordon regularly attends international meetings and events of the Gear Industry and has addressed World Gear Summit Meetings and conferences in China, Japan, Thailand, the USA and Europe. Such involvement resulted in him being invited to sit on the Board of Directors of the AGMA, from March 2009 until April 2013.

Ronson has invested significantly in the latest equipment for manufacturing and quality checking gear components that cover a range from 5mm to 900mm.  Ronson, as Gordon explained prides itself in the quality of their design and the delivery of their overall service as is explained on their website by another of the New family, Gavin New of Sales and Marketing “As gear manufacturers, our service needs to be as reliable as our products.  We are committed to delivering our customers the best of both.”

Like a number of other manufacturing skills in Australia the art of gear making is declining but Ronson through exposing themselves to overseas opportunities, particularly in America, are still supporting the proud tradition of quality manufacturing in Australia and this was appreciated by the society with their questions and the warm applause at the end of the presentation.  Thanks to Gordon and Ronson Gears on behalf of the Vernier Society.

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Gordon New the Managing Director of Ronson Gears discussed the latest developments within his company.

September 25th 2013.  12:30pm at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club