You are invited to connect at The Victorian Vernier Society monthly meeting is on Thursday the 11th of April 2019 at Kooyong Tennis Club:

Bruce Rowley, Managing Director, CNC Design

His Virtual Smart Factory concept utilises a large area gantry as a platform for Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM).

  • The Additive processes are extrusion based and combine in one machine 3D Printing, 5 axis milling and robotic handling.
  • This gives the flexibility to rapidly manufacture complex large parts.
  • CMC Design is one of very few companies manufacturing very large scale 3D printers.

The Vernier Promise!

At Vernier you will:

• Connect and Network with business leaders
• Associate with people who share your interests
• Gain insights and knowledge from authoritive keynote speakers
• Develop and grow your leadership and business prospects
• Promote the sustainability of the Australian manufacturing industry