You are invited to connect at The Victorian Vernier Society monthly meeting is on Thursday the 18th of March  2021 at Kooyong Tennis Club.

12:30pm for 1pm start

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club 489 Glenferrie Road, Kooyong.

This is a face to face meeting where food and drinks will be served.

The meeting will close at 3pm.

Admix Pty Ltd – Max Myer, George Juliff & Thomas Miles

“We are three friends from school who, as two Masters of Engineering Students (Tom & George) and a Commerce graduate (Max), started a small company called Admix in early 2020 after designing and building our CNC Mill”.

What started as a hobby project of building a router in our garage, ended up with us fabricating a 1.5 tonne 3-axis VMC, complete with flood cooling, 15m/min feed rates and a 9kw spindle. Since completion of our machine mid-lockdown, we’ve been focused on creating a business model based on our strengths and machining capabilities. Whilst exploring these opportunities we discovered the high skill level required for CAM programming and machine operation, which led us to our current focus building software tools to make programming effective toolpaths easier.

Max has a background in finance and analytics and is currently working in this capacity for a large multinational freight forwarding company as a graduate.

He has a passion for innovation particularly in data driven solutions and scaling these projects into everyday workflows.

George is an engineer at Admix and a Masters of Mechatronic Engineering Graduate with strengths in control systems and programming.

He is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and is the grounding and focusing force for Admix’s Innovation.

Tom has experience working with machine learning at Black AI, and is in his final year of Master of Engineering (part time) at the University of Melbourne.

He is highly driven, and his “nothing is impossible” attitude was the driving force that took the CNC Mill from a crazy idea to reality in 6 months.

The Vernier Promise!

At Vernier you will:

• Connect and Network with business leaders
• Associate with people who share your interests
• Gain insights and knowledge from authoritive keynote speakers
• Develop and grow your leadership and business prospects
• Promote the sustainability of the Australian manufacturing industry