You are invited to connect at The Victorian Vernier Society monthly meeting is on Thursday the 10th September at 1pm via Zoom.

For those who have not experienced ZOOM before, please download it now and arrange to try it with a committee member to ensure that our first meeting is trouble free.

You will need a computer with a camera, microphone, speakers and a good internet connection.

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Holger Dielenberge, Space Tank Studio

Holger has worked across the creative, digital and construction industries both here in Australia and all over Europe. His broad spectrum experience has found the perfect manifestation in Space Tank and awakened his passion to support emerging design.

He laments the decline of Australian manufacturing capability. “This has such a big impact on our industry’s creativity and innovative potential. We can dream up great ideas, but you need resources around you to build them. reflects Holger.

“Each time we choose an offshore solution, we starve local service and manufacturing companies and Australia’s innovation potential suffers the consequences.”

Holger became committed to do something about it. Using his knowledge and collaborative skills sculpted through decades of design, yacht building, and digital visual effects in film and television, Holger created what has become known as Australia’s leading makerspace. A home for game changers, product developers, creative technologists and hardware start-ups. A grass roots platform for launching businesses, networking, skill sharing and accelerating people’s innovative potential.

“I’m passionate about helping engineers, designers and entrepreneurs to dream, collaborate and take off. We fight gravity!” enthuses Holger.

“Every new product made from today onwards will contain and/or use technology. By their sheer numbers, agility and tech proficiency, creative start-ups will outshine the corporate old guard. They will lead Australia’s future and Space Tank supports them.”

With strong values and commitment to social purpose, Holger has created a vibrant community of start-ups who can plug into his huge network of industry contacts.

Rapid Shield:

Space Tank developed a new one piece flat packed face shield, the ‘Rapid Shield’ that meets all Government regulatory approvals in six weeks flat. Since lockdown#1 Space Tank has supplied over 20,000 Rapid Shields to health, disability and retail organisations who cannot access Government supply channels. Hospitals, aged care and large healthcare organisations are now trailing Rapid Shield as evidence demonstrates that most Government supplied face shields do not actually meet the Government’s own specifications. Space Tank have scaled production to 12,000 units/day to meet increasing demand for Rapid Shield from around Australia.

The Vernier Promise!

At Vernier you will:

• Connect and Network with business leaders
• Associate with people who share your interests
• Gain insights and knowledge from authoritive keynote speakers
• Develop and grow your leadership and business prospects
• Promote the sustainability of the Australian manufacturing industry