You are invited to connect at The Victorian Vernier Society monthly meeting is on Thursday the 11th of October at Kooyong Tennis Club:

Nick Stavrakis – Managing Director, Dana Australia Finding a Better Way

Nick Stavrakis is the MD of Dana Australia who are specialists in the Aftermarket and Automotive Supplies Market.  Nick is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and has spent all of his career in the truck, trailer and vehicle market with such companies at SAFH, Tieman and Hendrickson.  Coming up to his first anniversary as MD of Dana he will talk on “Dana Australia finding  a better way”

“Finding  a better way” has been Dana’s mantra since it was founded, more so does it resonate today with the exiting of the Auto car makers in this country. To survive Dana Australia has had to make some significant changes in the way they do things, what they sell but most of all their mindset. The presentation will cover their journey in finding a better way, with their customers, with their products and most of all with Dana’s people.

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