Thursday 14th May 2020 – Peter Roberts @aumanufacturing

You are invited to the first ever VIRTUAL Victorian Vernier Society lunch meeting on Thursday the 14th of May 2020 at 1pm via Zoom. Peter Roberts of @aumanufacturing is our guest speaker.

Vernier April 16th 2020 Meeting Cancelled

President Peter and the Vernier Committee have decided that it is prudent to cancel our meeting planned for April 16.

Our meeting on May 14 will be considered when there is better information available and the implications of meeting for lunch become clearer.

Thursday 12th March 2020 – Byron Kennedy from SPEE3D

Byron Kennedy one of the entrepreneurs behind SPEE3D high speed 3D metal printers.

Thursday 13th February 2020 – Vernier Luncheon Meeting

Our program for this get together is going to be a surprise, so come along and start the New Year with renewed enthusiasm for Australian manufacturing!

A great lunch and good conversation is always ensured.

Thurs 5th December – Dinner with Partners

Claire Kelly is our speaker and she has been involved with MHFA since 2003.
We will then be delighted with amazing musical performances from Stewart Kelly, Douglas Kelly and Jordan Auld.

Vernier Luncheon – 14th Nov 2019 – Innes Willox – CE of Australian Industry Group

Innes Willox is Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Group and will be talking about “What does it take to be a 21st century manufacturer: is there a role for areas of traditional strength or is the future just for ‘advanced manufacturers’? What can and should businesses, associations and governments do to develop competitive manufacturing industries?”

Vernier Luncheon – 10th Oct 2019 – Russell Rolls – Can Dirt Save the World?

Russell Rolls has a deep commitment to greenhouse gas reduction and will be asking ‘Can Dirt Save the World?’

Vernier Luncheon – 5th Sept 2019 – Professor Milan Brandt – Advanced manufacturing trends and research in Australia

Professor Brandt is the Technical Director of RMIT’s Advanced Manufacturing Precinct and the Director of RMIT’s Centre for Additive Manufacturing. His talk is on Advanced Manufacturing Trends and Research in Australia

Vernier Luncheon – 8th August 2019 – Annual Youth Forum

“Imagination; past, present and future – 1989 to 2049”

Vernier Luncheon – 11th July 2019 – Energy and transport: opportunities for manufacturing

Robin Batterham will speak on Energy and transport: opportunities for manufacturing. This should be a not miss event for all interested in the changing patterns of climate and energy!

Vernier Luncheon – 13th June 2019

Our June Speaker is Ben Schultz, the co-founder and managing director of Bastion Cycles.

Vernier Luncheon – 9th May 2019

Joe DiSanto from Sea Electric is an automotive technology company which has developed a, proprietary, 100% electric vehicle (EV) drivetrain (known as SEA-DriveTM), for adaptation to most truck cab/chassis models